Matthias Adler

Matthias Adler

Web application developer and open-source enthusiast

Introduction to Hugo static website generator

Why would you even consider using Wordpress, when all you really want or need is making a completely statically generated website?

Bye, Bye Disqus - Say Hello to Isso

Try out Isso, a self-hosted blog comment system for web sites, when enabling comments for static websites.

Running Fedora Linux 25 on a Dell XPS-13 9360

Dell being actively interested in offering great Linux support, while Redhat is working on improving the Linux notebook experience: How well does Fedora Linux work on a Dell XPS-13 9360 (Developer Edition)?

A somewhat late participation in #May1Reboot 2017

May1Reboot is based on the simple idea of collectively relaunching websites at the same time — and in doing so — rallying each other and sticking to that one deadline. Turns out, without strict discipline it’s easy to get lost in details.

Gulp Sub-Resource Integrity Hash plugin

A gulp plugin for adding Subresource Integrity (SRI) hashes to HTML files when referencing external assets.

AngularJS markdown-it directive

Angular 1.x directive for rendering markdown formatted text with markdown-it. Comes with extensive configuration options and supports markdown-it plugins.

Running scheduled tasks in Docker containers using systemd timer-units

Systemd timer-units can be set up to depend on other systemd units. This is great if need to run periodic maintenance tasks inside docker containers that come and go on demand.

Compiling nginx with LibreSSL for HTTP/2 support

Get nginx with HTTP/2 protocol support up and running today. You’re not afraid of compiling a bit of source-code on your own, are you?

How to make OCSP stapling on nginx work

Its a bit tricky to get OCSP stapling on nginx right. But with a little effort it is possible to reap the privacy, security and performance benefits.

Remember to mitigate brute-force SSH attacks

SSH is the ubiquitous way of working with networked computers. And it is beyond belief, how many people try to break into systems via ssh. You haven’t taken actions to turn ssh attacks into a game of diminishing returns? Its about time to change that.