About Matthias Adler

Hi, I’m a web application developer and open-source enthusiast

I consider myself a knowledgeable full-stack web developer with a particular interest in building fast, robust and usable web applications. In doing so, I have crossed the blurry line of front-end versus back-end development more often than I can count. Over the years, I also picked up a few basic shell scripting skills while tinkering with web related technology, virtualization and database infrastructure.

Main interests

Open-source software is a big part of my daily life. The dynamic evolution of the web is in large parts driven by a thriving community of developers sharing and collaborating with each other. I like to meet people who share the same passion, contribute to open-source projects and participate in the web development community.

Fedora and Arch Linux are my most favourite Linux distributions, although I recognize the merit and prevalence of Debian and its successor in terms of popularity. Both, Fedora and Arch Linux, provide for a great working station experience, feature the latest stable open-source project releases, and have community support beyond the free as in beer philosophy. Arch Linux is also a great choice for building light-weight and efficient virtual machines or containers.

I genuinely enjoy learning and obtaining new information, especially, in order to be able to choose good solutions to technical problems while considering limitations imposed by available resources, schedules and other practical constraints. Trendy topics I happen to be interested in are the semantic web, client-side frameworks, event-driven, non-blocking i/o models, high concurrency and big data visualization.

Why this site?

This site is a playground for experiments and ideas and a resource for putting down notes about things I find interesting, I am working on, or thinking about. In my blog posts I want to document and keep track of things over time. I also want to share tips, bookmarks and documents I find relevant.

Hopefully, other people will find the information on this site helpful, interesting, or relevant, as well. In any case, I welcome any feedback, comments, and suggestions - as long as they’re more or less on topic.

Just keep in mind, that I’m not a native speaker, so bear with me, if I use the wrong preposition occasionally.