Notes on Web development

Everything related from making simple web sites up to complex applications for the World Wide Web.

Introduction to Hugo static website generator

Why would you even consider using Wordpress, when all you really want or need is making a completely statically generated website?

Bye, Bye Disqus - Say Hello to Isso

Try out Isso, a self-hosted blog comment system for web sites, when enabling comments for static websites.

A somewhat late participation in #May1Reboot 2017

May1Reboot is based on the simple idea of collectively relaunching websites at the same time — and in doing so — rallying each other and sticking to that one deadline. Turns out, without strict discipline it’s easy to get lost in details.

Gulp Sub-Resource Integrity Hash plugin

A gulp plugin for adding Subresource Integrity (SRI) hashes to HTML files when referencing external assets.