Notes on nginx

A free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy. It uses an event-driven architecture and has a small memory footprint even under high loads.

Compiling nginx with LibreSSL for HTTP/2 support

Get nginx with HTTP/2 protocol support up and running today. You’re not afraid of compiling a bit of source-code on your own, are you?

How to make OCSP stapling on nginx work

Its a bit tricky to get OCSP stapling on nginx right. But with a little effort it is possible to reap the privacy, security and performance benefits.

Security enhanced nginx HTTPS server configuration

In the light of the latest Internet espionage and surveillance revelations, I started to investigate web server security more closely. As a result I came up with a slightly over the top setup that maximizes security and scores a solid A+ rating at SSL Lab

Nginx Boilerplate Configuration

Nginx sample configuration files for common use cases, like serving static files, proxying and talking to fastcgi or uswgi services.