Personal Projects

A humble collection of things I did in my spare time.

Gulp Sub-Resource Integrity Hash plugin

A gulp plugin for adding Subresource Integrity (SRI) hashes to HTML files when referencing external assets.

AngularJS markdown-it directive

Angular 1.x directive for rendering markdown formatted text with markdown-it. Comes with extensive configuration options and supports markdown-it plugins.

ExpressJS XML body parser middleware

A connect middleware for parsing incoming XML data. It converts the received XML data structure into a JSON-object. The XML bodyparser middleware works in any connect- or express-based nodejs application.

Silex JMS Serializer Provider

Seamlessly serialize or deserialize object graphs of any complexity. It supports XML, JSON, YAML, and naturally, plain PHP data structures. Annotations or configuration files can be used to implement fine-grained (de-)serialization rules.

Nginx Boilerplate Configuration

Nginx sample configuration files for common use cases, like serving static files, proxying and talking to fastcgi or uswgi services.