A somewhat late participation in #May1Reboot 2017

May1Reboot is based on the simple idea of collectively relaunching websites at the same time — and in doing so — rallying each other and sticking to that one deadline. Turns out, without strict discipline it’s easy to get lost in details.

May1Reboot 2017 Logo

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At least for me, deciding upon the look and feel of web pages is a process that ends up more time consuming than playing Civilization: Just one more turn, um, tweak here and there … OMG, did a whole afternoon just pass right now?

Counting the days until relaunch day, I came to the realization how important it is to stick to achievable goals and to always remind yourself: Good (UI/UX) design should also have a purpose.

Mobile first design

So, here it is: My incomplete list of changes that readers can hopefully benefit from.

In case you consider joining in the celebration next year, most the mentioned improvements are a good starting point for any website.

The path is the goal

The groundwork is done, and there is a lot more to come.

Somehow, the fact of having missed the original deadline slightly (by 2 weeks) motivates me already to update this site on a regular basis, and provide content in a more predictable fashion.

Last, but not least, of course: Expect a continous flow of little design improvements …